Moorings Logo Our Story — told through our logo

In 2003, we established The Moorings Group and began searching for a visual representation of our core belief: that the appropriate allocation of a client’s assets in fixed income securities, with expert, active management, can serve as a mooring for an investment portfolio. Our thoughts turned to images of knots — used with the skill of sailors, climbers and rescue professionals, but particularly those used in nautical settings: a strong, yet adjustable, method for securing to a fixed spot something that might move. The “interweaving” of a knot‘s construction is particularly appropriate for our process of integrating the appropriate amount and type of fixed income securities to a client's fixed point: capital preservation and income.

Our hitch knot logo is our own mooring, a regular reminder that we are in business for one reason: to deliver excellence in thinking and execution of fixed income portfolio management. To get you there — and to keep you there.